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Kate Skocelas - Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Kate Skocelas
Kate Skocelas
  • Grass Kings #1
  • Mother Panic #4
  • Green Valley #6 (of 9)
  • Doctor Aphra #5

I have been waiting for months for Grass Kings.  I am so excited for this book!  How could a team up between Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins go wrong?  I was on board before I even knew that it’s a rural mystery à la Jenkin’s fantastic miniseries Snow Blind.  The series follows the lives of the Grass Kings, three brothers who rule a trailer park kingdom.  The eldest brother takes in an young stranger looking for a safe haven, unwittingly putting it in jeopardy.

Green Valley is fun (dinosaurs v. knights!), but it’s beginning to look like it’s just another dramatic demonstration of Clarke’s Third Law.  I hope it has more than that to offer us this week.