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Mike Rapin - Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Mike Rapin
  • All-New Wolverine #19
  • Assassination Classroom Vol. 15
  • Batman #20
  • Jughead #14
  • Paper Girls #13
  • They’re Not Like Us #15
  • Uber Invasion #5

Small week, which I’m not mad about.

I feel like I’m missing something about Paper Girls. I need to re-read (which is what I said last month).

Batman is gearing to be the top of my to-read list this week. Really excited to see the conclusion of the I Am Bane story arc. With the beatdown from last month, who knows what this issue will bring.

All-New Wolverine should be interesting this month. With the end of IvX, all of the X-books have been doing a “pause” issue of reflection which I don’t hate, so I’m curious to see how Laura reacts to everything (if at all?).