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Mike Rapin - Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Mike Rapin
  • Animosity #7
  • Flash #20
  • Green Valley #7 (of 9)
  • Jonesy #12
  • Rat Queens #2
  • Seven To Eternity #5
  • Weapon X #1
  • The Wicked + The Divine #28
  • X-Men Blue #1

Not one but TWO X-Men books (Generation X and X-Men Blue). I ramble on and on about this in the show this week, so check that out tomorrow.

Seven To Eternitywhere did you go? My lovely… I’m scared this book is going to slow WAY down. I’m fine with this book going every other month… or something. I just want it to come out on TIME.

Yeah, I’m going to keep trying Rat Queens. At least for an arc. Yeah. #1 made me real… frustrated. We’ll see if I can put up with it.

Jonesy continues to be loads of fun and a nice palette cleanser. As expected. This book is just lovely.

Finally, Green Valley is coming closer to an end. Where is Landis taking us? WHERE IS THIS GOING? THE FUTURE IS NOW…?