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Mike Rapin - Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Mike Rapin
  • Archie #18
  • Batman #19
  • Batwoman #1
  • East of West #32
  • Ether #5
  • God Country #3
  • Injection #11
  • Invincible #134
  • Kill Or Be Killed #7
  • The Punisher #10
  • Sex Criminals #17
  • Star Wars Poe Dameron #12
  • Uncanny X-Men #19
  • Wild Storm #2

Whew… This week… whew…

Injection is back. I’m ready for where Ellis takes us with this new arc. I may need a quick refresher on things, but I love where this book is going. On that same note, I’m just as excited about Wild Storm.

Ether continues to be a fun romp into the weird and magicky and sciencey stuff. David Rubin’s art alone is enough to keep me reading and it happens that we have Matt Kindt on writing. I want to know more about this wild, wild world. Last month’s “flashback” was enough to hook me in for the long haul.

Batwoman #1 should be a blast with the creative team attached. I don’t know what this book will be about, but I’m on board for the first arc at least. This also goes without saying on Batman.

After God Country #2, I don’t think I really know what this book is going to be. I trust Cates and Shaw to deliver. Let’s get mega-ultra-XD-level fight status going.

Sex Criminals is back on track–at least so far. I finally got around to reading #16 last week and I was fondly reminded why I love this series. It’s heart-warming and all-too-real with the characters–not with the crazy-time-stop-sex-stuff. This book will be on my pull until the end of time.

Finally, Invincible is gearing up for serious action. I. Can. Not. Wait. If we’re going to get 9 more issues of build up until the epic (likely extremely-oversized) final issue, I am 1000% on board. Things are shaping up to be quite the ending.