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Nick White - Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Nick White
  • AvP: Life and Death #4
  • Aliens Defiance #10 and #11???
  • Divinity III #4
  • Kamandi Challenge #3
  • Ninjak #25
  • The Old Guard #2
  • Reborn #6

Here we are, at the penultimate issue of Dan Abnett’s seventeen month magnum opus for Dark Horse Comics.  Brian Thies’ art has really grown on me (Thies also drew the introductory arc, Predator: Life and Death), and admittedly, AvP: Life and Death has pared down the somewhat convoluted nature that arcs two and three brought to the table.  The easiest way to trim the fat in an Aliens book, cut down on plot lines, characters, is to “off” characters.  We’ll have an oversized epilogue issue next month, not unlike how Aliens: Fire and Stone operated when it ran from 2014-2015.  The real question is, with this nearly wrapped, Aliens: Defiance nipping at its heels, and Aliens: Dead Orbit, just a month or two after that…..what does Dark Horse have in store for the franchise’s future?

Speaking of Aliens Defiance…can we talk about how weird this book’s shipping schedule is, especially for a title with a concrete number of issues (then again, Sandman: Overture was half as many issues and had at least twice as many problems, sooo…)?  Also, can we discuss how, at the closing of this maxiseries, previous mainstay Tristan Jones will have only drawn half of its issues…if that?  Thank goodness that the fill-in artist bookending this series, Stephen Thompson, possesses a style frighteningly akin to Jones’ (or, possesses an amazing ability to emulate).  I’m not saying that’s what all fill-in work should be, but it works here.

Divinity III is the best arc of the series.  Rarely ever does the third entry in anything have the creative chops to claim such an accolade.  Best of all, Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine have helmed all three, so nobody gets the title of “loser.”  Can’t wait to see how this series wraps this week.

This week’s Kamandi Challenge #3 features a team quite familiar with each other…being married and all…Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner.  I’ve seen some of their older stuff, but don’t really follow that insanely successful Harley Quinn title of theirs.  So far this title’s been great, and they’ve got a tall order to fill…I’m sure they’ll do just fine.

Honestly, this most recent arc of Ninjak might be the best one so far, with the book riding a Suicide Squad vibe…as Ninjak’s “semi-politely coerced” into leading the Shadow Seven to kill Master Darque.  This book is cleverly building on plot elements Justin Jordan laid four years back in Shadowman #0.  Leave it to Kindt to spot an opportunity.  Oh…and Ninjak’s doing it because he thinks he has a chance at “saving” Roku.  Good luck, buddy.

When it feels like a decade since a series’ last issue…yet has only been a month, that’s when I know I’ve got a winner on my hands.  Such is the case with Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez’ series, The Old Guard.  Introductory issue was fantastic, with a few little narrative twists, a popping color palette from Daniela Miwa,  and some very creative panel layouts and inking that seemed to channel Eduardo Risso’s work.  Very very very excited to see where this second issue goes.

Reborn reaches its final issue.  Well, probably.  What do you base that on, Nick?  Well, how about the fact that I think it’s gonna be a long time before someone manages to snatch away Greg Capullo from DC Comics again.  Plus him and Scott Snyder are BFFS4EVR, case closed.