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Nick White - Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Nick White
  • American Barbarian Complete Series TPB
  • Grass Kings #2
  • Immortal Brothers: The Tale of the Green Knight #1

Look, I trust Mr. Paul Jaissle and his picks.  So when he told all of us (repeatedly) to read Transformers v.s. GI Joe, I got in lockstep.  Man, was that book just, well…well, it was overwhelmingly zany.  In a good way.  After that one went over well, Paul slowly began pushing the Kirby stuff, bit by bit.  Naturally, Paul had suggested several times I get around to trying Tom Scioli’s American Barbarian, which “follows a red-white-and-blue-haired hero who must defend a post-post-apocalyptic world from the immortal Two-Tank Omen.”  Yes, two tanks are involved, and yes, that’s a King Tut pun.  How will this book not be awesome?  HOW?

Grass Kings started out with a slow burn of an issue…but one that basically had Matt Kindt showing off to the reader the extent of world-building he was engaging in, and the sheer amount of initial characters he was willing to juggle.  Tyler Jenkins’ art is totally killer, and the book, in some ways, seems to offer up some interesting parallels with Brian Wood’s series Briggs Land.  Both seem to be scenarios in which the ideal of independent living clashes with the demands of government and the rule of law.

As for Immortal Brothers: The Tale of the Green Knight, this is the first of four oversized one-shots Valiant is putting out to celebrate its 25th anniversary.  As far as I can tell, each one hearkens back to one of Valiant’s classic arcs/stories (this one, the shared Eternal Warrior/Archer and Armstrong #8, in which a very “Three Musketeers”-esque” narrative was told).  This one seems to play with the Legend of the Green Knight.  You know, the one where the guy takes a swing at the Green Knight, takes his head off?  Then the Green Knight says, “Fair enough, in a year, I’ll get to take a crack at your noggin.”  That one.  Except the unlucky head lopper is Sir Gilad (ring a bell?)…and he’s got 365 days to get to the bottom of this.  You know what’s even more awesome?  HOW ABOUT *cue curtain opening, and TV host gesturing in its direction as a bunch of lights go off* AN EFFIN’ AWESOME TEAM?  That’s right, FRED VAN LENTE of Ivar, Timewalker and Archer and Armstrong fame teaming up with CARY NORD (original X-OBritannia covers, billion other things).