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Nick White - Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Nick White
  • All-Star Batman #8
  • Batman #19
  • Ether #5
  • Green Arrow #19

Just to prove that the lessons of elementary school haven’t entirely left me, I’ve calculated that I’m currently up to date on…….25% of the titles listed above.  Honestly, these bimonthly DC titles (I know, this is my favorite topic, I know)…one can never stay on top of that.  It doesn’t help that I think Green Arrow likely reads better in trade, and Batman went for the apathy-inducing one-two punch of “BANEality, Revisited,” and has David Finch drawing it.  At least there are Tim Sale covers to look forward to……right?  I SAID, RIGHT?

When JRJR was on All-Star Batman, and Janin was on the simply titled Batman before his luchador nemesis wore out his Venom-laced welcome, Tom King’s title had the edge for me.  Yes, I realize that one doesn’t have to play favorites, or rank their books, or attempt to quantify their literary experience.  But if Buzzfeed doesn’t know what’s good for me, then someone’s gonna have to give me a top ten list of reasons they shouldn’t be my life coach, accompanied by 25+ GIFs.

So far on this second arc, we’ve seen Mr. Freeze drawn by Jock, Poison Ivy drawn by Tula Lotay, and a consistent Duke and Riddler backstory drawn by Francesco Francavilla.  Crazy, right?  This week it’s a country-fried crime tale featuring Mad Hatter in the deep south.  With art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, the guy that’s currently drawing Green Valley, but I personally know from Batman Europa.  Honestly?  We haven’t had a Mad Hatter story in like three or four years.  I think it’s because people see him as a weird middle ground between pre-existing villains: The Riddler, The Joker, Scarecrow.

Finally, we get the last issue of Matt Kindt and David Rubin’s Ether, their five-part miniseries from Dark Horse.  I’m behind an issue.  In fact, writing about it now only makes me want to get caught up.  Nobody should get behind on a Matt Kindt series (anxiously hides three to four Dept H issues).