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Bonus Minisode | Snacks?

This special episode of IRCB is brought to you by Tom (stingo) who was kind enough to donate in support of the protests calling for racial justice.

Mike and Nick were asked to talk about something that comes up on the discord quite often: Snacks. Nick put a list together and Mike tried them all.

The List

  • Extra Toasty Cheez-Its
  • Life Cereal: Original
  • Simply Cheetos Puffs White Cheddar
  • Triscuits Smoked Gouda
  • Triscuits Avocado, Cilantro and Lime
  • Pirate‚Äôs Booty Snack Puffs Aged White Cheddar

Please consider donating to one of the many causes in need right now.

Music provided by Infinity Shred. Find them on Bandcamp.

Producer: Mike Rapin
Editor: Zander Riggs

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