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Comic Book Industry Name Pronunciation Guide

We at I Read Comic Books have, well, a problem pronouncing the names of the incredible people who create, assist, and publish comic books. As a result of this troubling issue, we have started a list of names and the pronunciations as a way to help ourselves, but also to help the general comics public.

For the various pronunciations provided, we will be following the Pronunciation spelling for English guide as defined on Wikipedia.

If you have any names we missed, are a creator who would like your name added, or think we messed something up, shoot us an email ( or reach out on Twitter (@ircbpodcast).

Here’s a Twitter Thread with MORE!

Name Pronunciation
Jeff Lemire Jeff Leh-MEER
Mark Millar Mark Mil-LER
Bill Sienkiewicz Bill Sin-KEV-itch
Len Wein Len WEEN
J. Michael Straczyinski Jay Michael Stra-ZIN-SKI
Duane Swerczyinski Dwayne Swer-ZIN-SKI
Tom Scioli Tom SKEE-OH-LEE
Kurtis Wiebe Kurtis WEEB
Greg Pak Greg PAHK
Clayton Cowles Clayton KOHLS
Charles Soule Charles SOLE
Joe Quinones Joe KWIN-OH-NES
Ryan Browne Ryan Brown
Chip Zdarsky Chip ZUH-DAR-SKEE
Mike Rapin MYK RAP-IN
Tia Vasiliou TEE-UH VA-SIL-EE-OO
Kara Szamborski Kara SHAM-BOR-SKEE
Kate Skocelas Kate SKOTCH-LESS
Lucy Knisley Loo-see NYEs-lee
Michael Moreci My-cull More-EET-see
Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou HASS-an AHts-man el-how
Ngozi en-GOH-zee