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Episode 266 | Love “Quadrangles”

This episode was recorded on December 20th, 2020!

Mike, Brian, and Nick discuss our Goodreads Book of the Month: Farmhand Vol. 1 by Rob Guillory, Taylor Wells, and Kody Chamberlain.

AND from now until Jan 24th, we want YOU to send in a voicemail to help us celebrate our SIXTH IRCB Annual. Email us a voice message ( or leave a voicemail: (616) 209-9152!! We’re giving away a T-Shirt, a Hat, and a Sweater! So make sure to call in!


  • 00:00:00 – Start/Last Week in Comics
  • 00:15:43 – IRCB Annual Announcement!
  • 00:17:15 – Comic Picks
  • 00:25:13 – Goodreads Book of the Month – Farmhand
  • 00:53:23 – Wrap/Credits

Comics We Read / Comic Picks:

  • Blue Flag Vol. 1-2
  • We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #4
  • Bloodborne Vol 1: The Death of Sleep
  • RAI #10
  • Sentient (2019) TKO
  • The Department of Truth #4
  • Angel and Spike vol. 1
  • Ice Cream Man #22

Music provided by Infinity Shred. Find them on Bandcamp.

Producer: Mike Rapin
Editor: Zander Riggs

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