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Episode 20 | Bazinga, indeed.

This episode was recorded May 17th, 2015.

This week, Mike and Nick discuss their comic picks for the week, Trees #9 and Ninjak #3. In the news gloss over, topics included: DC’s new digital-first book, Asa Butterfield as Spider-Man rumors, April 2015 top 10 selling comics, and the Constantine TV show (and shows moving to other networks or continuing due to fan support)–it was a lot. Primary topics for this week were Mike’s readdressing the outing of Bobby Drake, a discussion about the Supergirl TV series first look, and the cancelled Archie Comics Kickstarter.

This week’s music was by Madcon (“Beggin“, “Don’t Worry“), Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (“Up and Away“, “Stop, Drop, Roll“), and Infinity Shred.

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