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Episode 23 | All New, All Different, Post-New52

This week’s episode was recorded June 7th, 2015.

After a bit of technical difficulty, we have a new episode! This week’s hosts, Mike, Nick, and Paul talk their comic picks–Batman #41 and Injection #2. There’s was some discussion about Transformers vs. GI Joe (again!), but the longer discussion was put off for another day. The New Gloss Over looked over the All-New, All-Different Marvel announcements, Special Edition: NYCC’s ticket sales for NYCC 2015, Nowhere Men returning this Fall, and Daniel Clowes’ “Wilson” being adapted for film.

This week’s main topics were on controversy and piracy on sites like Redbubble and others in regards to selling unauthorized prints of comics/covers/etc., and piracy in the comic and music industry. Nick and Paul discussed the new DCYou, and Mike commented a bit.

This week’s music was by Poldoore (“Ain’t No Sunshine” and”In Your Head“), Shin-Ski, and Infinity Shred.

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