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Episode 31 | Experiences in buying comics

This week’s episode was recorded on August 2nd, 2015.

In a magical, last-minute chance, Mike and Nick were joined by Jeff Perry, host of the After Image podcast. After their comic picks for the week (The Wicked + The Divine #13, Nailbiter #15, and Bloodshot: Reborn #5), the gang dives into Jeff’s podcast and his love for Image comics, then they try to (and only sort of do) answer the question, “How do you drop comics from your regular pull list?” While they never truly answer the question, a discussion about their experiences in buying comics, how to pre-order comics (via Kieron Gillen), and the advantages and disadvantages of buying digital and print comics.

Many thanks to Jeff for joining us this week! Check out the After Image podcast and Jeff on Twitter.

This week’s music was by Panda Eyes, Mariana and the Diamonds, and Infinity Shred.

This week’s episode was produced by Mike Rapin and Zander Riggs, and edited by Zander Riggs.

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