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Episode 46 | A hard sell for Secret Infinity

This episode was recorded November 22nd, 2015.

Hosts Nick, Jon, and Paul chat comics for the week (as per usual), what they read (as per usual), and (gasp!) something new: What keeps you reading ongoing comics. There’s a distinct difference in indie ongoing books (as Jon mentions, Saga), and Big 2 books–in Paul and Nick’s case, Batman. Shenanigans are had, and Zander makes a guest appearance in the post-credits.



  • Intro/Start: 00:00:00
  • Comic Picks: 00:08:34
  • “What keeps you reading a comic?”: 00:19:43
  • “What keeps you reading a comic?” Part 2: 00:43:54
  • Credits: 01:01:32
  • After Credits – Christmas Comedies: 01:02:28

This week’s music was by Poldoore, Damu the Fudgemunk (“It’s Called The Chill Out” & “Da Coffee Table“), and Infinity Shred.

This week’s episode was produced by Mike Rapin and edited by Zander Riggs.

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