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Level Up – Review

There is a close relationship between comics and video games that is seldom utilized well. Although that is not the case regarding the comic Level Up. Level Up is a comic book written by Gene Luen Yang and illustrated by Thien Pham. The book was originally published in 2011 by First Second Books and has just recently been released in a new paperback version. Gene Luen Yang is a New York Times best seller who has written several critically acclaimed books such as his American Born Chinese series. I’ll be honest that I hadn’t actually heard of Luen Yang until it was announced that he would be the writer for the New Super-Man series being released this year. So really this book was my first time experiencing his writing. I tend to enjoy going into a comic knowing very little about it, other than the basic summary of course. I think a story should grab at you and make you want to read it, which is exactly what happened with this book. I was pleasantly surprised as I flipped through it. I say flip through because that is exactly what it felt like.   The story itself is very simplistic and straight forward. Dennis Ouyang is an Asian-American kid who feels pressured by his parents expectations, but really only wishes to play his video games, and he struggles to find a medium between the two. I’m sure it seems odd that such a deep idea could be defined as simple, but Luen Yang keeps his…

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