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Episode 164 | Hope Nicholson and Progress in Comics

This episode was recorded on June 10th, 2018! This week, Mike is joined by Nick and Tia to talk comic picks and comic reads. After the break, Mike and Tia have a fantastic chat about the comic industry, the change in comics for women over the years and SO much more with Hope Nicholson (a Kickstarter commissioned episode). Hope is the author of The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen, editor of The Secret Loves of Geek Girls and The Secret Loves of Geeks, and Publisher at Bedside Press. Also, DO NOT MISS: The first issue of the IRCB Zine! Check it out at!! Timestamps 00:00:00 – Start/Last Week in Comics 00:21:49 – Comic picks 00:29:32 – Interview with Hope Nicholson 01:17:39 – Wrap/Credits Comic Reads/Picks for this week Star Wars Vol 1-3 Darth Vader Vol 1-2 Vader Down Dazzler X-Song #1 Harbinger Wars 2 #1 Planetary Vol 1 By Night #1 Monstress #17 Orphans Vol 1 Relevant Links/Information Mike – @mikerapin Nick – @dethstarplnz Tia – @PortraitOfMmeX Hope Nicholson – @HopeLNicholson Bedside Press – @BedsidePress Music provided by Infinity Shred. Find them on Bandcamp. This week’s episode was produced by Mike Rapin and edited by Zander Riggs. Have a question? Want us to talk about a topic? Submit discussion topics to our subreddit /r/IReadComicBooks or our Goodreads group and get a hold of us in the comments or here: – @ircbpodcast & #IReadComicBooks. Hey #PodernFamily listeners! Thanks for dropping by! Spreaker | TuneIn | | Overcast | RadioPublic

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