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Episode 87 | On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

This week’s episode was recorded on October 9th, 2016. While Mike (and Tia) were off at NYCC, Nick hosted the show this week with Brian and Kate. The show this week focused on retconning in comics and when it’s good or bad (specifically in Big 2 books). Despite all reasoning, they managed to put together a great episode, but near the end things go a bit off the deep end! And if you have a moment, please take the I Read Comic Books Listener survey! Timestamps: 00:00:00 – Start/Last Week in Comics 00:21:04 – Comic Picks 00:33:32 – [ad] Mobilescape Adventures Kickstarter 00:35:15 – Retconning 01:08:45 – Credits Comic Reads/Picks for this week Batman Europa #1-#4 Batman #5 Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #1 The Shadow Volume 1 Bloodshot Reborn #17 Darth Vader #1-18 Star Wars #1-18 Green Valley #1 Death of X #1 Detective Comics #941 Batman #8 Nightwing #6 The Wicked + The Divine Volume 4 Britannia #2 Clone Conspiracy #1 Detective Comics #942 Relevant Links/Information Nick – @dethstarplnz Kate – @KateSkocelas Brian – @Brianhead This week’s music was by Brock Berrigan and Infinity Shred. This week’s episode was executive produced by Mike Rapin, produced by Nick White, and edited by Zander Riggs. Have a question? Want us to talk about a topic? Submit discussion topics to our subreddit /r/IReadComicBooks or our Goodreads group and get a hold of us in the comments or here: – @ircbpodcast & #IReadComicBooks. Hey #PodernFamily listeners! Thanks for dropping by! TuneIn | | Overcast

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