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Episode 88 | And Then Mary Magdalene Couldn’t Even

This week’s episode was recorded on October 9th, 2016. Tia and Brian join Mike this week to talk comics, and then ramble on a bit about how they pick their comic books reading formats (digital, floppies, collected editions, etc.). And if you have a moment, please take the I Read Comic Books Listener survey! Timestamps: 00:00:00 – Start/Last Week in Comics 00:23:43 – Comic Picks 00:29:59 – [ad] Mobilescape Adventures Kickstarter 00:31:35 – Choosing Book Formats 00:55:09 – Credits 00:57:07 – And Then Mary Magdalene Couldn’t Even Comic Reads/Picks for this week Green Valley #1 The Black Monday Murders #2-3 Reborn #1 Doctors by Dash Shaw Shipwreck #1 The Belfry Darth Vader #25 Monstress #7 Southern Cross #8 Raven #1 Champions #1 Death of X #1 Death of X #2 Black Widow #7 Raven #2 Relevant Links/Information Mike – @mikerapin Tia – @PortraitOfmMeX Brian – @Brianhead This week’s music was by GRiZ and Infinity Shred. This week’s episode was produced by Mike Rapin and edited by Zander Riggs. Have a question? Want us to talk about a topic? Submit discussion topics to our subreddit /r/IReadComicBooks or our Goodreads group and get a hold of us in the comments or here: – @ircbpodcast & #IReadComicBooks. Hey #PodernFamily listeners! Thanks for dropping by! TuneIn | | Overcast