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Minisode 2 | The Passage of Time In Comic Books

This week’s episode is a minisode! Recorded some time in the distant past! Brian and Jon sat down to talk about how time passes in comics, how we manage this as readers, how culture affects time, and how creators can avoid these pitfalls. Relevant Links Brian – @brianhead Jon – @sky_trio This week’s music was by Infinity Shred. This week’s episode was produced Brian Murray and Jon Francois, executive produced by Mike Rapin, and edited by Zander Riggs. Have a question? Want us to talk about a topic? Submit discussion topics to our subreddit /r/IReadComicBooks and get a hold of us here: – @ircbpodcast & #IReadComicBooks. Hey #PodernFamily listeners! Thanks for dropping by! TuneIn | | Overcast

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