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Tag: reading comics

Episode 50 | So much James Tynion IV

This week’s episode was recorded on December 20th, 2015. Hosts Mike, James, and Paul do what we always do on this show: Talk about what we read last week and what we’re excited for this week (Transformers vs G.I. Joe #10, Island #5, and Paybacks #4). Following, the gang discusses one of the hardest things to nail down in a…

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Episode 40 | Paul’s Twitter

This episode was recorded October 4th, 2015. Hosts Mike, Nick, and Paul talk their lives… and also comics to start the show, then their comic picks (Paper Girls #1, Aliens/Vampirella #2). This week’s primary topics covered Dark Knight III and why classic books are hard to read for new readers, followed by a discussion on Comic Reading Rituals and why collecting…

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Episode 36 | Comics aren’t for kids anymore!

This week’s episode was recorded on September 6th, 2015. Hosts Mike, Nick, and Paul discuss what they’ve been reading lately and their comic picks (Bitch Planet #5 and Batman #44) in the first half of the episode–WARNING! Batman #43 spoilers! In the second half of the episode, the guys chat about how you recommend comics to people, with a slide…

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