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The Weekly Pull List – August 16th, 2017

What ever happened to your comics?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

Mike Rapin
  • Astonishing X-Men #2
  • Batman #29
  • Batwoman #6
  • Curse Words #7
  • Generation X #5
  • Godshaper #5
  • Invincible #139
  • Rat Queens #5
  • Secret Weapons #3
  • Star Wars Poe Dameron #18
  • X-Men: Blue #9

Gonna be quick because this list is daunting…

Curse Words is getting nice and wizordy. I can dig that.

Generation X and X-Men Blue and Astonishing X-Men all in one week. Let me describe them quickly:

  • Teen drama in overdrive and unexpected friendships
  • Young X-Men trying to be adults and figuring out their place in the world
  • Adult X-Men being über X-Men.

Godshaper is a miniseries and I cannot wait to see how this book ends. I’m loving this world.

Rat Queens is still in a trial period. Nothing has made me hate or love this book, yet. YET.

Secret Weapons is the X-Men book not published by Marvel that I needed. I would love to be able to talk to birds.

Nick White

Nick White
  • Batman #29
  • Briggs Land: Lone Wolves #3
  • Dark Knights: Metal #1
  • Descender #23
  • Divinity #0
  • Future Quest Presents #1
  • Green Arrow #29
  • Secret Weapons #3
  • Super Sons #7

*Looks at pull*


This week features a new ongoing, a new miniseries/event, and a special one-shot.  It also features my wallet going into protective custody.

First we got Batman.  Look.  I recently read issue twenty-four and twenty-five…and I’ve at least began “War of Jokes and Riddles.”  The reason I haven’t gotten further?  There are just other books better capturing my attention right now.  Maybe once I get further in, I’ll be a believer.  I’m just not certain what King stands to gain from building on what was (in my opinion) the weakest part of Scott Snyder’s New 52 run.  It’s tough to create a prequel arc that still manages to add morsels/build momentum into the present-day arc that follows.  Still, if anyone could…hail to the (Tom) King, baby!

So far…Briggs Land: Lone Wolves might be better than its predecessor…or at least more focused and personal.  One could argue that this is because it has a rock solid foundation, and one needs to give credit where credit is due, in regards to the introductory arc.  Still, I ask myself all the time, “How does Brian Wood know so much…about so much?”

Arguably the highest profile title on this list, DC Knights: Metal #1 comes on the heels of two over-sized one-shot issues, The Forge and The Casting.  I’m sure I’ll have oodles more to say once its pages have graced my peepers, but let’s go with this for now: It is Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, with the latter being let loose to draw a broad spectrum of the DC Universe.  It is almost certain to be a visual stunner, regardless of story.

I’m behind on Descender.  I forgot it came back from break.  My bad.

We’ve got an one-shot from Valiant, Divinity #0.  Matt Kindt’s apparently going to attempt to provide an adequate jumping-on point to the CURRENT VALIANT UNIVERSE through the eyes of its seemingly omnipotent being.  Ya gotta tall order there, Kindt.  Thankfully, he’s got Renato Guedes (who recently drew Bloodshot Reborn #0) on art duties.

Future Quest is back!  There are some slight differences though, beyond the name change to Future Quest Presents.  Art duties (at least initially) will be handed over to Ariel Olivetti, who already cut his teeth on one of the initial maxiseries’ issues.  Which is totally okay, as he was my favorite fill-in artist for Doc Shaner.  Secondly, it would appear the series is taking a more focused, narrowed approach.  It’s the latter that gives me a slight amount of pause.  Then again, I don’t know shit about a lot of these characters, so I’d be up for a learning experience, of sorts.  Oh, and Jeff Parker is still writing this.  As if it’d be anyone else.

What else?  Oh, Green Arrow continues his team-up seshes.  This time it’s with Black Canary.  “But I thought they hung out all the time and loved each other and blah blah blah…”  Looks like you better catch up on this book too.

I have absolutely nothing more to say about Secret Weapons.  The hype is warranted.  This book is that good.  The sales, the reviews, the accolades, all justified.

Finally, there’s Super Sons.  Apparently Damien is having Superman’s son (whose name I always forget) have a crack at assisting/joining the Teen Titans.  Here’s my one request.  Please don’t let this arc get long in the tooth like the last one did.  I know nobody nobody ever wants to admit this, lest their geek card get revoked, but shorter arcs FTW.  Pls.