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The Weekly Pull List – August 23rd, 2017

Your comics mean more than you know…

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Nick White

Nick White
  • Aliens: Dead Orbit #4
  • Black Hammer #12
  • Dept. H #17
  • Kamandi Challenge #8
  • Rebels: These Free and Independent States #6
  • War Mother #1
  • X-O Manowar #6

It’s a big, big week, but for those keeping track, I’ve had worse.

Look.  There is literally nothing more that needs to be said about Aliens: Dead Orbit.  It has been “Pick of the Week” multiple times, and has found its way into people’s “What I’ve Read” section of the podcast a sizeable amount of times.  Show up for Stokoe’s art, stick around because his story is well-paced, and not convoluted (in the best of ways).  This is the last issue.  Missed out?  Pre-order the tpb.

I am behind on Black Hammer (one issue, I think).  I am behind on Dept. H (two, maybe three issues?).  Please don’t tell Lemire and Kindt.  The only reason I’m not devouring this stuff, is because I’m devouring their other stuff, okay?

I’m two issues back on Kamandi Challenge, but I think this week’s issue has the highest KQ (that’s Kirby Quotient) of any of the teams so far.  Giffen has proven time and time again (the relatively recent New 52’s O.M.A.C. being one example) that he absolutely “gets” Kirby…from both a visual and narrative perspective.  As for Rude, one only needs to glance at any of his retro aesthetic work to see why he’d be a good match.  The Willingham/Reis issue remains the best surprise so far, but this issue has expectations.

With its sixth issue, Rebels: These Free and Independent States follows in the series architecture of Brian Wood’s original REBELS run.  Namely, the introductory four or five issues follow a member of the Abbott family (the original, Seth Abbott, this series, his son John), the remaining ones take on an anthology style, one-shots following other individuals.  This one follows a young George Washington as a militiaman during the French and Indian War, and features a guest artist in Wilfredo Torres.

Up to this point, we’ve had two appearances by War Mother, a tie-in one-shot for “4001 AD,” and apparently a very brief cameo in “Book of Death.”  Like that tie-in, we’ve got Fred Van Lente writing this four issue miniseries, with Valiant mainstay Stephen Segovia on art duties.  For those who missed out, she’s a badass lady with a sentient sniper rifle.  Interested?  The real question is when she’ll run into Rai (while they share the same time period, they’re quite literally hemispheres apart, soo…).

Okay, X-O Manowar is Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite, and it’s pulp sci-fi action.  Get on board.  Now.

Paul Jaissle

Paul Jaissle
  • Kamandi Challenge #8
  • Manhunter Special #1
  • Mother Panic #10
  • WWE #8

One of the most interesting parts of the Kamandi Challenge series has been seeing how the various creative teams interpret Jack Kirby’s work on the original series. This issue is by Keith Giffen and Steve Rude, two creators who have done their fair share of Kirby homages in their careers, so I’m sure it will be another great installment.

Speaking of Keith Giffen Kirby homages, he and Dan DiDio celebrate the King’s masked vigilante character in the Manhunter Special one-shot. Sam Humphries and Klaus Janson also contribute a Demon short story to this issue.