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The Weekly Pull List – August 24th, 2016

How many books is too many on a pull list?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Kate Skocelas

Kate Skocelas
  • Faith (ongoing) #2
  • Pretty Deadly Vol. 2: The Bear

This is a small but exciting week for me.  Faith is back and slated to meet face to face with her very first supervillain.  The last issue also hinted at an upcoming (badly needed) costume redesign for our hero, which I really hope comes to fruition.

Faith deserves so much better than this smock/snowsuit combo!
Faith deserves so much better than this smock/snowsuit combo.

I also can’t wait to pick up Pretty Deadly Vol. 2.  I love this series to death (say her name, sing this song), but I get it in trade because that’s how I picked up the first arc, and one does not simply mix and match trades and floppies.  The new volume takes us out of the wild west and into the trenches of France during the first World War.  I can’t wait to see what writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Emma Ríos do with it.

Mike Rapin

Mike Rapin
  • Archie #11
  • Dept. H #5
  • Extraordinary X-Men #13
  • Flash #5
  • Invincible #130
  • Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta #20
  • Renato Jones: The One Percent #4

Dept. H has been a slow, slow burn. It’s very wishy-washy, and sort of fills me with dread… which, I think, is the point. There’s so much uncertainty and weirdness in this book. I’m very interested to see what’s next in this series.

Flash has been all over the board. The clunkiness of the series is gone as far as I can tell and now it’s just a mystery, and sort of a race (as I expect a lot of Flash stories are). I’m digging it.

Invincible (my pick of the week on IRCB this week!)… it’s coming to an end at issue 144, and I’m sad. But, I now know that the next year-ish is going to be jam packed with awesome story. So, there’s a bright side to this series ending.

Renato Jones: The One Percent… I don’t know what to say. This book is out there.

Paul Jaissle

Paul Jaissle
  • Detective Comics #939
  • Judge Dredd #9
  • Omega Men TPB
  • She Wolf #3
  • Wonder Woman #5

After hearing rave reviews of the recent Omega Men series from DC, I am very excited to pick up the trade paperback collection this week. This sounds like a sort of sleeper hit that people enjoyed, but just never found a spot in today’s unforgiving market.

While I have been raving about the new Batman series, it should be noted that the new, “rebirthed” Detective Comics has really been buttering my bread lately as well. Focusing on the larger “Batman Family”, this book has been showing just how much Gotham’s vigilantes must sacrifice to keep the city safe. Plus, artist Eddy Barrows seems to be channeling the great Jim Aparo, who, of course, is THE ONE TRUE BATMAN ARTIST (in my humble opinion, at least).

Wonder Woman continues to be two very different books in one series: one modern story about Diana trying to reclaim stolen memories, and an origin story. I greatly prefer the origin chapters (even-number issues for those keeping track at home) to the modern ones, but I am looking forward to a more unified story arc at some point.