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The Weekly Pull List – August 30th, 2017

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Mike Rapin

Mike Rapin
  • Animosity #9
  • Black Magick #7
  • Jean Grey #6
  • Ringside #11
  • Saga #46
  • X-Men: Blue #10

Not a big week, for me at least.

Black Magick is back, which I’m excited about. I guess I’m into witch-based books now? Nonetheless, Nicola Scott’s art is the best and  I’d like to stare at it.

Ringside has been all over the place. I was hooked again and now I don’t know where I sit with it.

Animosity toned down a bit, and I’m thankful for that. Shit was getting way too real. Not to say that last month’s issue was slow or lame, because it was heartbreaking, I’m just happy to be away from all of the seriously awful death for a moment.