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The Weekly Pull List – February 8th, 2017

The magic of every week is your weekly pull and we want to know…

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Nick White

Nick White
  • All-Star Batman #7
  • Birthright #22
  • Divinity III: The Shadowman #1
  • Ninjak #24
  • Snowfall #8

So, apparently last month’s issue of All-Star Batman…the one centered around Mr. Freeze and drawn by Jock?  It was a one-off.  So that made me sad.  This month?  We’ve got a Poison Ivy-centric issue, drawn by Tula Lotay!  And, people?  I don’t like exclamation marks.  I detest them.  But that sentence wholeheartedly deserved it.  But it’ll be a one-off too…so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I just read the twentieth issue of Birthright.  And it, with even more examples, preserved my theory that none of these characters are actually from Earth, nor are any of them actually normal, non-magic peoples.  Let’s not succumb to Star Wars’ axiom that “everyone a Skywalker be.”  I’m gonna sort out when this current arc wraps, give it the duration, and see where it goes.

Not unlike my experience with the tie-ins of 4000 A.D., there’s a Shadowman issue for Divinity III as well…and it surrounds a character I still don’t know much about.  I’m excited to see a story from Scott Wilson, an up-and-coming writer who recently had a story in last year’s Batman Annual #1, and art from Robert Gill ensures a pretty read.  Now just to decide between the Clayton Crain and Marco Rudy covers…

Here’s all you need to know about Ninjak #24: on top of Kindt writing, we’ve got Kings Watch artist Marc Laming on pencils, and an issue that features both Roku, a favorite villain (although…is she?) of mine, and Book of Death villain Master Darque.

You know, I used to think Snowfall was “bad.”  Now…I just think it’s really weird.  And I honestly have no idea where it’s going.  But Martin Morazzo’s art has a scratchy/scribbly feel that I enjoy, and the graphic design work of this book has few equals.

Mike Rapin

Mike Rapin
  • All-New Wolverine #17
  • Assassination Classroom Vol. 14
  • BLACK #4
  • Black Widow #11
  • East of West #31
  • Flash #16
  • Green Valley #5
  • IvX #4
  • Jonesy #10
  • My Hero Academia Vol. 7
  • The Wicked + The Divine #26

What isn’t there to be excited about this week?

Green Valley is bound to have more crazy dragon/dinosaur fighting. Jonesy is going to continue to be cute and bubbly. Black Widow will be espionage-y with a hint of romance. And IvX is bound to make me even more confused. Right?

At least there’s East of West which is all sorts of dragging the Apocalypse into the now. I mean, this has to be the beginning of the end, right? Death and the Horsemen are finally going to do their thing, right? Right?!

BLACK has been an interesting run of a book. The last issue definitely broke from what I assumed was going to be the mold of an “us vs. them” story. I’m really excited to see where this book goes.

Finally, The Wicked + The Divine… oh boy, #25 had such a twist I don’t know what to think will come next. Everyone is mad but rebuilding and then suddenly… that end. This should be a fun week.

Kate Skocelas

Kate Skocelas
  • Black Widow #11
  • Green Valley #5 (of 9)
  • Doctor Aphra #4

As you may have heard on the podcast, I was pretty lost after reading Black Widow #10.  Thanks to Tia, I understand what’s going on now (though I think I’ll need to read more Bucky/Natasha before I’m emotionally invested in it).  I’m going to stash this issue and wait until #12 comes out, so that I can go back and read the entire arc at once.

The last issue of Green Valley involved knights fighting dinosaurs, so that was awesome.  It didn’t move the plot forward much though, so I’m hoping this week’s issue brings them back in contact with the wizard.  I’m curious about what flavor of time travel is going on.  Please give us something unique Landis.

Doctor Aphra will be at the top of my reading pile this week.  Who wants to take bets on whether or not Daddy Aphra survives this arc?  I’m guessing no, because the Empire is an awful place to live, but we’ll see.  BT-1 and 0-0-0 are still carrying this series for me, so as long as they’re ok, I’m ok.