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The Weekly Pull List – July 26th, 2017

They’ll be Comics around the mountain when she comes… or something…. I worked real hard on that one!

What’s on YOUR Pull List?!

Mike Rapin

Mike Rapin
  • Batman / The Shadow #4
  • Black Hammer #11
  • Cable #3
  • Iceman #3
  • Outcast #29
  • The Punisher #14
  • Saga #45
  • Weapon X #6
  • X-Men: Blue #8
  • X-O Manowar #5

How many X-books are allowed to come out in one week?! Yeesh!

Iceman has been a hoot and a holler. Some folks out there are calling this book boring, and I think they’re dead wrong. This is Iceman being a doofus. What more could you ask for?

Saga is getting real dark, real fast.

Weapon X has been on a weird path, but last month it took a left turn and might be back onto good ground–in my eyes at least. I’m still sticking with it.

Batman / The Shadow is a weird, weird book. Rossmo’s art is top notch. I’m an issue behind here, but so far, I am loving this miniseries.

Outcast has fallen into a slump. I’m not close to dropping it, but the book is in a lull which kind of stinks.

Nick White

Nick White
  • All Star Batman #12
  • Kamandi Challenge #7
  • Kirby King of Comics: Anniversary Edition (prose)

Small week, but a lotta Kirby, and a little Batman.  Someone could do a lot worse than that.

I’m one behind on All Star Batman, but it’s safe to say that I’ve found myself both “expectantly surprised” and “pleasantly surprised when it comes to this most recent arc of Scott Snyder’s over-sized (and occasionally overpriced) title surrounding Bruce Wayne.  I figured it’d be good because: Scott Snyder, Raphael Albuquerque, and Batman.  I was hesitant because I was informed that this arc’s focal villain would be Hush.  Who I have feelings about.  Those feelings involve thoughts of, “Wow, Hush…that guy’s real dumb.”  Thankfully, while this arc plays off of all the “mistaken identity” shit one would come to expect with Hush’s appearance…his role is largely peripheral.

Our Jack Kirby tributes this week begins with the latest issue of Kamandi Challenge.  And this week possibly marks the artistic team I am least excited for…Marguerite Bennett and Dan Jurgens.  Bennett has a reputation for injecting topical humor and Tumblr references into everything she writes.  Even if it destroys any sense of immersion, and creates a flagrantly anachronistic work.  Jurgens is an alright writer, but his art still feels dated.

Finally, we’ve got a prose work, Kirby King of Comics.  It’s about…well, exactly what you’d expect: the history of Jack Kirby’s influence on comics.  Which is fitting, as Paul and I will be recording a Kirby-related minisode later on in the week.