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The Weekly Pull List – March 22nd, 2017

Have you ever had a dream that you… love comic books?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Nick White

Nick White
  • Birthright #23
  • Black Hammer #7
  • Bloodshot Reborn #0
  • Dept. H #12
  • Descender #20
  • Future Quest #11
  • Rebels: These Free and Independent States #1
  • Reborn #5
  • X-O Manowar #1 (2017)


Wait…that’s…that’s a bad thing.  Well, shit.

Birthright continues to be a book that I read, moderately enjoy, ask myself why I thought it wasn’t that bad, forget about until the next issue, and repeat the cycle.  If I knew this title was anywhere near a “wrap up,” I’d ride it out…but given that I’ve seen nothing of the sort, this could get cut.

In the seventh issue of Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston’s series Black Hammer, we have an issue that actually surrounds the character of…Black Hammer.  Who the heck ever saw this coming?  Wait…all of you did?  Huh.

Bloodshot Reborn #0 is the last issue surrounding our favorite albino harbinger of destruction until fall, so you might have to page through this one-shot a couple times while you wait for the leaves to fall (assuming you live somewhere where they in fact, do).  We don’t know much outside of the fact that the issue is meant to bridge the gap between Bloodshot U.S.A. and the upcoming Bloodshot Salvation story arcs, and that it might involve him having a daughter, and hopefully more than a couple panels of his doggo, Bloodhound. Renato Guedes, who I’m not that familiar with, mans the pencils for this one.

Dept. H, I’m an issue behind.  Just read the tenth issue last night, and I have to admit that i enjoyed the prolonged flashback that took up nearly the full duration of the issue.  DEAR COMIC BOOK PEOPLE OUT THERE, I PREFER FLASHBACKS THIS WAY, SOMETIMES IT’S A LITTLE ON THE NOSE, BUT AT LEAST I COME AWAY ACTUALLY PICKING UP WHAT YOU’RE PUTTING DOWN.

Okay, so I just read the solicit for Descender #20, and, based on that, I probably shouldn’t have read the solicit for Descender #20.  ‘Twas semi-spoilery, but in a way that has me wondering just how they’re to pull this off.  If you read Descender, I’m being vague for your own good.

Here we are at the penultimate issue of Future Quest…at least for now.  Looks to be a Shaner cover, with Shaner pencils, and a guaranteed whole bunch of fun.  PLEASE BRING THIS BOOK BACK DC, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. WE’RE NOT TALKING LIKE FAUSTIAN PACT LEVEL COMPROMISE, OR ANY SHIT LIKE THAT, BUT MAYBE ONE LESS FAST FOOD OUTING A WEEK OR SOMETHING?

We’ve already had Lemire and Kindt on this list, so Brian Wood might as well make an appearance–his Dark Horse series REBELS returns, renumbers, and renames…because what are comics if they aren’t making a convoluted mess?  Wood’s series has jumped from 1776 to 1794, and we now follow the son of the original series’ protagonist, as he participates in the infancy of America’s naval forces.  PS, Andrea Mutti returns on pencils.

I’m behind on Reborn.  I’m reserving judgment on this one.

Last, but not least, Matt Kindt has been given the task of rebooting/reimagining/resomethingening the longest-running Valiant title of their 2012 revival: X-O Manowar.  You know, Visigoth Iron Man, save for the part where the suit is slowly replacing his body with whatever sentient armory-y stuff it’s composed of.  He seems to have holed up on some strange alien planet, and has possibly seen the PSA regarding voluntarily donning sentient armor sets (“The More You Know!), but that hasn’t seemed to quell that rage issue of his.  Thankfully, we’ve got Tomas Giorello to draw all this unbridled violence.  His work on Bloodshot Island was proof enough he’s a first-rate penciler.

Mike Rapin

Mike Rapin
  • Black Hammer #7
  • Curse Words #3
  • Darth Maul #2
  • Dept. H #12
  • Extraordinary X-Men #20
  • Flash #19
  • Reborn #5
  • Ringside #9

Lotsa good ol comics this week. My Dark Horse and Image books are rockin’.

Black Hammer should be great this month. We’re getting some origin story in this new arc and I could not be more excited. On the flip side, Lemire’s other book this week for me is Extraordinary X-Men and I do not know what to expect. Everything post-IvX is so up in the air. I’m scared, tired, and uncertain.

Darth Maul was a bit of a surprise for me last month. Didn’t see myself buying it, didn’t see myself wanting more until the last few pages. Whatever this book may be, the art is to die for. I’m hoping it ends up being an epic story.

This may be my last issue of Reborn. I don’t know what I expected out of this book, but if this issue doesn’t fix the weird, out of nowhere, sudden-gift-of-powers from the last issue, I’m done. This book started strong, but I don’t know what happened.