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The Weekly Pull List – November 23rd, 2016

It’s time for comics!

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Kate Skocelas

Kate Skocelas
  • Civil War 2 #7 (of 8)
  • Death of X #4 (of 4)

Civil War 2 is back for more “punch first, realize-we-could-have-just-talked-it-out later” action.  Spiderman is on the steps of the capitol, and Danvers is freaking out.  Ulysses’ vision showed him doing a big bad thing, but can we trust it?  My guess is no, but I think it’s safe to assume that there will be more super punching before we find out.  David Marquez and Justin Ponsor are really knocking it out of the park for the art on this book so, however the story plays out, it will be beautiful.

In a related vein, Death of X ends this week with the Inhumans and goodie X-men facing off against the baddie X-men.  At least that’s how I think it’s going to break down, but we don’t know yet if Storm’s team will fight with or against Magneto’s.  What we do know is that Cyclops is going to either do something awful or get blamed for doing something awful, so either way it’s going to break Mike Rapin’s heart.  Please send gift baskets.

Mike Rapin

Mike Rapin
  • All-New X-Men Annual #1
  • Death Of X #4
  • Dept. H #8
  • Flash #11
  • Hellblazer #4
  • Outcast #23
  • Star Wars: Han Solo #5

Oh. I thought Karnak was coming out this week. :(

Death of X rounds down this week. I don’t know what to think. I don’t know how else this can end without the death of Cyclops, especially with Black Bolt showing up. I’m really concerned. Charles Soule, please deliver.

Hellblazer has been an okay run so far. I haven’t felt too attached to much, however I am liking how Swamp Thing has played into this story so far. I’m sticking around.

Star Wars: Han Solo is also ending this week, but I am certain this book will end with a clever cliffhanger and some more fantastic space racing. This book has been a continuous ball of fun.

Nick White

Nick White
  • Bloodshot U.S.A. #2
  • Dept. H #8
  • Future Quest #7
  • Ninjak #21

So, compared to last week, a quartet of books is slim pickins’.  Lucky for me, every one of these titles happens to be a “straight to the top of the ‘READ’ pile” books.

Did anybody else see what happened at the end of the debut issue of Bloodshot U.S.A.?  After a whole bunch of gorgeous pages and fantastic action sequences (not to mention, a prescient name-dropping of Trump), this issue went and “closed up shop” by ending on a very dire scenario.  The sort that more than demonstrated the potency of Project Rising Spirit’s latest and greatest wonder weapon.  I know some people feel that Jeff Lemire’s non-original work lost its lustre following his New 52 work…but look no further for proof otherwise.

Oh, Dept. H.  I love you, you’re beautiful and original and trippy and possess a real workman’s quality…but when I’m pressed for time, I just can’t pick up this book.  Breezing through the pages of this is a disservice to it and I alike.  Still, I’m closing in on being caught up on Matt and Sharlene Kindt’s epic series.

So, despite not knowing anything about them, I really enjoyed the introduction of The Impossibles in Future Quest a few issues back.  Jeff Parker really is a master when it comes to making all these weird and obscure properties digestible, and I’m excited to read this issue that focuses on this superhero team.

Finally, there’s Ninjak.  The latest arc of this book has made my brain hurt.  I get that Ninjak is sick, and that he’s tapped into/is up against a force that is able to manipulate the past/present/future simultaneously, which in turn has led us into a future Ninjak narrative.  Do I get much more than this?  Nope.  That’s why its the least approachable Matt Kindt title on this list.  At least with this issue, it’ll all either make sense…or, if it doesn’t…at least the arc’ll be done.