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The Weekly Pull List – October 11th, 2017

Hi there! What comics are ya readin?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

Mike Rapin
  • All-New Wolverine #25
  • The Dying and the Dead #6
  • Royal City #6
  • Weapon X #9
  • The Wicked + The Divine #32
  • X-Men: Blue #13

Three X-books this week, but my definite pick of the week is Royal City. There’s a lot of heart and pain in this story and I effing love it. Lemire is killing it.

All-New Wolverine has been on the outs lately. The Brood-in-SpAAAce story has not been exciting for me. I liked the build up (crazy virus from space only Laura and the Wolverine-kids can stop), but the GotG team up wasn’t great. I feel like the story Tom Taylor was trying to tell was to build up some stuff for Gaby as a character, but it… wasn’t great. Now we’re on to Legacy Tie-Ins and I am not excited. I just want Laura and Gaby kicking butt and being awesome sisters…

Weapon X hasn’t been exciting either. Next to Cable, this book is on my short list of potential drops… or change-overs to trade. I’m not sure. I like Greg Pak, but this book is 146% slashing and bad dudes. Maybe not my cuppa.

The Dying and the Dead is (apparently) a 10-issue series. So I’m sticking with it. Finality. Completionism. I don’t know. I started this way back when it debuted, but I haven’t read past issue #2. I need to catch up.

Finally: WHOA The Wicked + The Divine. WHOA. LIKE. WHOA.

Paul Jaissle

Paul Jaissle
  • Atomahawk #0
  • Dark Nights Metal #3
  • Mister Miracle #3
  • Redlands #3

This week, Image publishes Atomahawk by Donny Cates and Ian Bederman, which was originally serialized in Heavy Metal Magazine. It’s sort of a mythological, futuristic barbarian story about the Cyberzerker trying to free an imprisoned god using the titular battleaxe. Cates handles the over-the-top Kirby-isms of the story well, and Benderman’s art looks like the cover of some 1980’s power metal album. This book is perfect for fans of Tom Scioli and Jack Kirby. Highly recommended.