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The Weekly Pull List – October 12th, 2016

What book are you most excited for this week? What’s got you salivating for more?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

Mike Rapin
  • Flash #8
  • Jonesy #7
  • Kill Or Be Killed #3
  • Lazarus #25
  • Moon Knight #7
  • The Punisher #6
  • Sex #32

This is a pretty good week for comics.

Kill or Be Killed has been a wild book so far. Gritty. Tough. Saying a lot. It’s a book full of magnificent art and Ed Brubaker’s take on a violent modern society. This may be his and Phillips’ greatest work, but I’m hesitant to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, hell, I’m hesitant to see where this arc goes. That may sound weird, but that’s because I had weirdly high hopes for Fatale and was a little disappointed in the ending–great concept, odd ending.

The Punisher may be my last issue in this series. I’m not sure. It’s one of those books I look at every month and have to mentally prepare for. That’s not a diss on the book, but more on my inability to stomach incredibly raw and violent comics.

Jonesy is still here and it may stay around as long as I have Punisher. This is the book you cleanse your palette with. It’s fun, colorful, has a few laughs and is a refreshing read after mountains of super-hero books that take themselves far too seriously. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look forward to this book every month.

Paul Jaissle

Paul Jaissle
  • Detective Comics #942
  • Doom Patrol #2
  • Kill Or Be Killed #3
  • Wonder Woman #8

I really enjoyed the first issue of Gerard Way and Nick Derington’s new take on the Doom Patrol, and hope the second issue keeps things weird. While the first issue featured Robotman, this new one appears to focus on Larry Trainor, aka Negative Man. Introducing the team slowly makes sense as a way to ease new readers into the strange adventures of the Doom Patrol, while also giving long-time fans like a me a chance to see how the creators are approaching these characters.

Kill Or Be Killed is shaping up to be another classic from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. What’s impressive about this team is their ability to have a familiar style while making each series feel different. This book is radically different from their last big work, The Fade Out, yet it maintains the level of quality we’ve come to expect from them.

DC recently confirmed that artist Nicola Scott will be leaving Wonder Woman after issue 14, which just might be my impetus to drop the book. It’s a good comic, but the story is just moving too slowly for me, even while it is shipping twice a month.

Nick White

Nick White
  • All-Star Batman #3
  • Britannia #2
  • Reborn #1
  • Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #12

After last month’s All-Star Batman, I’m really really interested to see how things play out for Duke…because things didn’t look too wonderful for him when that issue wrapped.  This has been a super fun celebration of so many varied elements of the Batman universe, by a stellar team including John Romita Jr, Scott Snyder, Declan Shalvey, Dean White, and Danny Miki.

Considering it was my “Pick of the Week” when we recorded this week’s podcast, I’m really excited for the release of Britannia #2 this week.  Writer Peter Milligan and artist Juan Jose Ryp have created this unique Valiant miniseries that is embedded in more of a historical context than any of their past ones.  In addition, it doesn’t seem to play into the larger “Valiantverse” in any capacity.  That’s neither a good thing, or a bad one…just very interesting.  It’s Roman history meets Cthulu-esque horror, and that sounds perfect for me.

My brand new #1 for this week is Image Comics’ Reborn…which must be the first time I’ve ever pulled a Mark Millar book, let alone a debut issue.  And you know why?  A little thing called the New 52’s penciler of Batman, Greg Capullo, being on drawing duties.  The premise?  That the afterlife is a place “where you have to fight to survive, somewhere the people from the past are waiting for you – the good and the bad.”  Unless it’s awful, I’ll probably stick around as long as Capullo does.

As for the latest arc of Wrath of the Eternal Warrior, I still haven’t read the debut issue, which came out last month.  It’s got Kano on art, and I love his stuff…but I’m gonna reserve my judgment on this one until I’ve read it.