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The Weekly Pull List – October 4th, 2017

And what comics will you be having this week?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Paul Jaissle

Paul Jaissle
  • All Star Batman #14
  • Batman #32
  • Batman The Dawnbreaker #1
  • Black Bolt #6
  • Paper Girls #16
  • Superman #32

Look at all of those Batman comics! In the main title, The War of Jokes and Riddles concludes, and Catwoman finally answers Batman’s question (I hope it’s “Yes!”). All Star Batman concludes this week as well. That title was surprisingly hit-or-miss for me, but I’ve enjoyed this current story. Finally, the METAL tie-in, Batman The Dawnbreaker drops this week as well.

The two issue Deathstroke story wraps up in this week’s Superman. In related news, I can’t wait until Patrick Gleason and Peter Tomasi are back on this title.

Black Bolt is arguably the best book Marvel is publishing right now. Well, at least it’s the only one I am reading. The identity of the mysterious Jailer will be revealed in this issue. I wonder who it might be: Impossible Man? Uatu The Watcher? Your guess is as good as mine.