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The Weekly Pull List – September 20th, 2017

Knock, knock! It’s comic books! Are you home? What are you reading this week?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Nick White

Nick White
  • Batman #31
  • Black Hammer #13
  • Bloodshot Salvation #1
  • Dept. H #18
  • Descender #24
  • Future Quest Showcase #2
  • Green Arrow #31
  • Super Sons #8

With this week’s issue, “The War of Jokes and Riddles” arc of Batman now contains five main issues and two interlude issues.  And it’s not even over (that happens in the following issue).  Eight issue arcs?  Look, this is just a preference…but not for me, Tom King.  Not for me.  Also not a fan of having Batman’s entire Rolodex of foes in this, to the extent that nobody gets a passing glance beyond, well…Kite Man.  He’s the hero we need.  Hell, yeah?  HELL YEAH.

Black Hammer continues to meditate on whether or not “past is (indeed) prologue,” by depicting its own “(insert hyperbolic adjective) crisis” that landed our heroes in their small town quarantine.  Of course, this conflict is against a being named Anti-God…who isn’t quite identical, but could likely pass as Darkseid’s stunt double.  It’s been fun to see Jeff Lemire and David Rubin not only play with the comic book character archetypes, but also with the tropes of comic book structure and genre.

Look.  I am very, very, very excited for Bloodshot Salvation, from Jeff Lemire and the one-two artist combo of Lewis LaRosa (SavageBloodshot Reborn) and Mico Suayan (RaptureBloodshot Reborn).  Within these pages, we’re going to follow a pair of narratives.  In present day, Bloodshot is dealing with the fact that his girlfriend Magic’s family wants her returned to them.  Oh.  And they also happen to be white supremacists (which is something Lemire did in fact sow the seeds for over two years ago).  Then, eight years later, we’re following Bloodshot’s daughter Jessie, who also possesses his powers…but also happens to be on the run from a hit squad called Omen.  Oh…and by this point?  Bloodshot is apparently dead?

Let’s keep this Lemire trend going, and discuss Descender.  Man, oh, man.  Last month was a hearty mix of things I did predict, and things I certainly did not.  This title went from proving that the untimely rumors of one character’s demise were greatly exaggerated (which I assumed as much)…and then about-faced into another character “offing” that…uhh…I don’t think they’re getting out of this one.  Ooof.

As for this week’s quick hits, they are as follows.  Anybody else finding Dept. H massively more confusing these days?  So many flashbacks, so many characters to follow.  But I can be patient, Matt Kindt.  I haven’t even read the first issue of Future Quest Showcase, so it would be irresponsible to discuss the second issue, so I’ll just once again champion how great of an artist Ariel Olivetti is.  I’ve really enjoyed Ben Percy’s “Hard Traveling Hero” arc of Green Arrow, which wraps this week, and will tie in all the Justice League heroes of past weeks.  Should be a blast.  Finally, I just want to say how much I appreciate that Super Sons has made an effort to keep Jorge Jiminez on art duties.  He is an absolutely perfect fit for this book.