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The Weekly Pull List – September 21st, 2016

It’s comics time and it’s time to hear…

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

Mike Rapin
  • All-New Wolverine #12
  • Archie #12
  • Batman #7
  • Black Hammer #3
  • Deadpool vs. Gambit #5
  • Dept. H #6
  • Dresden Files: Wild Card #6
  • Karnak #5
  • The Punisher #5
  • Ringside #7
  • Seven To Eternity #1
  • Uncanny X-Men #13

Whew… This is quite a week.

I’m sticking around on Batman for a little while. I want to really see where King is going to take this book and with the Monster Men event starting this month, I’m going to have to push through this to get into the nitty-gritty of this book. We’ll see how Monster Men goes.

Karnak has been on and off a lot and I feel like it needs a good re-read. The Punisher is likely getting my money through this arc and we’ll see how I feel about it after that. Uncanny X-Men has been incredibly bland lately, but if only because I feel like I’m just underwhelmed. Maybe the upcoming “Death of X” will give me a nice hope for fun about X-books again, otherwise… I’m feeling down about them.

Dept. H is continuously intriguing and packed with story, and yet the pages feel so light. Kindt is killer.

And Archie is still going strong. Last month’s issue was a blast of fun and an all-around good series of mini-stories that were actually just one story. Mark Waid is playing on his own jokes at this point.

Finally, I’m trying Seven to Eternity. One: It’s a mini-series (I believe), Two: I gotta at least try something by Remender every once and a while and Three: Opena’s art is to die for. I hope this book is good.

Paul Jaissle

Paul Jaissle
  • Batman #7
  • Judge Dredd #10
  • Ringside #7
  • She Wolf #4
  • Superman #7

The long-hinted-at “Night of the Monster Men” crossover begins in this week’s Batman. Normally I would sit out this type of crossover, but I have really been enjoying both this title and Detective Comics enough to see where this leads. Plus, this gives me a chance to check out some of the other “Bat Family” books I’ve haven’t been reading.

Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason have been doing some really impressive storytelling on this new Superman series. In addition to introducing the new Superboy (Superman and Lois Lane’s son, Jon Kent) and making Eradicator seem interesting, they also gave Batman a bat cave on the moon. That alone makes this book an instant classic in my opinion.

I was a little underwhelmed by the last issue of Ringside, as well as the series as a whole so far. I want to support a wrestling themed comic, but this title just feels like another revenge-fueled crime comic to me. Unless there is a dramatic increase in the number of powerbombs and deep arm drags in this issue, I am probably done with this book.

Kate Skocelas

Kate Skocelas
  • Batman #7
  • Black Hammer #3
  • Civil War II #5
  • Vision #11
  • Vote Loki #4
  • Velvet Vol. 3: Man Who Stole the World

I’m going on vacation next week, so naturally this week is a total money dump in comics.  Thank god for shops that let you pick up your pulls weeks late…

Batman is surviving another week on my pull, because #6 was such an improvement over the previous issues.  The last issue of Black Hammer was also an improvement, so here’s hoping both of these books continue to do well.

The penultimate issue of Tom King’s Vision is out this week.  I was really hoping that his new Batman run would be good enough to ease the pain of this series ending, but alas…

Reaction gif - sad - 30 Rock

Nick White

Nick White
  • Aliens: Life and Death #1
  • Batman #7
  • Black Hammer #3
  • Britannia #1
  • Dept H #6
  • Doctor Fate #16
  • Green Arrow #7

You know what I do when I’ve got a big week like this coming up?

I panic.

I panic, and then I quickly check the following week to make sure that one isn’t a monstrosity too.

As usual, we’ve got some new blood, some old favorites, and as always, several series that I’ve manged to fall behind on.

It’s really hard to believe that we’re now on the third arc of the “Life and Death” arc within the Aliens universe: Aliens: Life and Death.  This one features one of my favorite artists in Moritat…even though I’ve got questions about how good of a fit he’ll be.  Go check out his work on All-Star Western.

Look, Batman starts a new arc and its first “Rebirth” arc with “Monster Men” this week…and I’m still two issues back.  And Riley Rossmo (who actually drew the final issue of the Caped Crusader’s New 52 run) is on art!  Which is great!  Except, like, where’s Mikel Janin?

After the second issue turned out a lot better than the first, Jeff Lemire’s Black Hammer has got my attention.  It doesn’t take much to see that this book has a lot of world-building potential, and with Dean Ormston’s art, I’m on board.

I’m not really certain if/how well Valiant’s new miniseries Britannia will intermingle with the rest of the universe…something involving Eternal Warrior (or, as of late, Sovereign) seems to be the only possibility.  Regardless, this book appears to be at an intersection of historical fiction and supernatural horror, and I know artist Juan Jose Ryp is totally capable of the latter.  Its preview in the back of Ninjak last month was promising.

I have no reason to be behind on Dept. H.  But I am.

Somehow, Dr. Fate survived all of the DC Comics cullings that preceded “Rebirth.”  And yet, it’ll be celebrating its “Sweet Sixteen” with a cancellation.  So here’s to another diverse, weird, unique, visually striking title that nobody read, and DC cancelled.

As long as Green Arrow keeps with the art teams it has, and with a devotion to Lemire’s creations, this book is unbeatable.