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The Weekly Pull List – September 6th, 2017

How are those comics coming along for you this week?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Nick White

Nick White
  • Batman #30
  • Green Arrow #30
  • Predator: Hunters #5

Apparently, the “War of Jokes and Riddles” is content to carry on for quite some while.  I say this, because this week’s issue of Batman just so happens to be the second interlude of this arc.  If it walks like “Zero Year,” talks like “Zero Year,” and acts like “Zero Year,” then it must be a duck, right?  Concerns aside, this issue features Clay Mann on art (who killed it on the opening issues of Ninjak), and continues the saga of Kite Man.  To which I say, really the only thing one can…HELL YEAH!  Kite Man solo book, Tom King?  Please?  Comedy antihero book?  Pls?

Since the discussion of arcs appears to be the theme of this entry, let’s carry that into Green Arrow, shall we?  Yes, the “Hard Traveling Hero” arc carries on, now in its fifth installment…but it might be the most anticipated one.  That’s right, it’s time for stubborn idiot Oliver Queen to join forces with an equal verdant, equally stubborn dummy, Hal Jordan.  The cover by Otto Schmidt is not the most visually alluring or detailed, but really demonstrates a knowledge of design and composition that results in a striking embodiment of “less is more.”

I’m an issue behind on Predator: Hunters, the last spot I left off was when we discovered that what we thought was the issue of a single predator was in fact…a trio.  For those unable to connect dots, that is certifiably a no bueno scenario.  Not wanting to reveal too much, let me at least say that the upcoming issue’s preview: Predator: Hunters reaffirms the Aliensverse axiom that the creatures should be feared, but humans doubly such.