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Paul Jaissle - Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Paul Jaissle
  • Bug: The Adventures of Forager #3
  • Dark Days: The Casting #1
  • Godshaper #4
  • Gotham Academy: Second Semester #11
  • Hulk #8
  • Kill Or Be Killed #10

The penultimate issue of Gotham Academy Second Semester arrives this week. This has been a really great series, and this final story arc really showcases how much the characters have changed over the course of the “second semester.”

DC’s big summer event is under way with Dark Days: The Casting. I still have no idea what this whole “Dark Universe” thing is all about, but as a DC continuity nerd, I am enjoying it so far. Having big name artists like Jim Lee, John Romita, Jr, and Andy Kubert working with Scott Snyder certainly makes this feel like an important book.

Brothers Lee and Mike Allred revive another obscure Kirby creation in this week’s Bug when the titular character meets Atlas. So far this book isn’t exactly what I had expected, but it is fun to see the Allreds play in the big DC Kirby sandbox.