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Mike Rapin - Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Mike Rapin
  • Archie #24
  • Batman/The Shadow #6
  • Black Magick #8
  • Cable #5
  • Godshaper #6
  • The Punisher #16
  • Saga #47
  • X-Men: Blue #12
  • X-O #7

I thought this was going to be a small week? Nah.

Batman/The Shadow and¬†Godshaper end this week, which is both sad, but great. I really appreciate a good miniseries and both have delivered a solid story. Rossmo’s art on Batman/The Shadow has been some of his finest work. Spurrier’s writing on Godshaper has been fun and weird, which I’ve come to expect at this point, but it’s been solid.

Black Magick is fantastic. Seriously. And apparently I love witch-based books because I’m digging on a lot of them lately: Destiny, NY, Redlands, Hex11, and more. Gimme more awesome witch stories please!

X-O has been pushing the pulp sci-fi hard, but I’m worried it’s growing stale. That’s saying something because Kindt really, really had me on the hook with this book, and¬†Braithwaite’s art is phenomenal. I’m worried I’m going to lose track of who’s who in this book and it’s going to slip down my pull list, like a few others have.

Cable has been the runt of the bunch in the new line of X-Men books, which really bums me out. I had some high hopes for this book, and yet it’s been all over the place with consistency and weirdness. I have faith, but I’m a biased X-Men fan.