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Mike Rapin - Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

Mike Rapin
  • All-New Wolverine #25
  • The Dying and the Dead #6
  • Royal City #6
  • Weapon X #9
  • The Wicked + The Divine #32
  • X-Men: Blue #13

Three X-books this week, but my definite pick of the week isĀ Royal City. There’s a lot of heart and pain in this story and I effing love it. Lemire is killing it.

All-New Wolverine has been on the outs lately. The Brood-in-SpAAAce story has not been exciting for me. I liked the build up (crazy virus from space only Laura and the Wolverine-kids can stop), but the GotG team up wasn’t great. I feel like the story Tom Taylor was trying to tell was to build up some stuff for Gaby as a character, but it… wasn’t great. Now we’re on to Legacy Tie-Ins and I am not excited. I just want Laura and Gaby kicking butt and being awesome sisters…

Weapon X hasn’t been exciting either. Next to Cable, this book is on my short list of potential drops… or change-overs to trade. I’m not sure. I like Greg Pak, but this book is 146% slashing and bad dudes. Maybe not my cuppa.

The Dying and the Dead is (apparently) a 10-issue series. So I’m sticking with it. Finality. Completionism. I don’t know. I started this way back when it debuted, but I haven’t read past issue #2. I need to catch up.

Finally: WHOA The Wicked + The Divine. WHOA. LIKE. WHOA.