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Paul Jaissle - Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Paul Jaissle
  • Cry Havoc #6
  • Judge Dredd #7
  • She Wolf #1
  • Wonder Woman #1

Glad to see Rich Tommaso’s new Image seriesĀ She Wolf arrives this week. I loved his recent Dark Corridor series, which was a twist on hard-boiled crime fiction. This new series is his take on the “teenage werewolf” genre, and Tommaso seems like the right creator able to make that tired old trope seem fun, and maybe dangerous, again.

Of course, the other werewolf themed comic this week isĀ Cry Havoc, which I have been really enjoying. On the surface, it is a gripping monster story, but there is a much deeper subtext about the power of myth and the importance to storytelling in human history. Each issue slowly explores both of these aspects, making this a very satisfying and rich comic to read.

I didn’t love the recent Wonder Woman Rebirth issue, but I think that’s due to it being a “fill in” so to speak; setting that stage for the ongoing series. Greg Rucka’s work can be incredibly engaging and emotional when he’s invested, and I think Wonder Woman is a character he loves, so this might be a classic run in the making.