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Kate Skocelas - Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Kate Skocelas
Kate Skocelas
  • Black Widow #6
  • Black Hammer #2
  • Horizon #2
  • Mockingbird #6
  • Batman #5

This week brings us the final installment of Waid, Samnee and Wilson’s explosive first arc on Black Widow.  The baddies are releasing Romanov’s deepest, darkest secrets, and not everyone is going to be happy with her (or so they say).  It’s looking like more Avengers will be joining the story, so this should be fun.  In the immortal words of Dr. Serizawa:Let Them FightI’m also looking forward to Black Hammer and Horizon this week.  Both had a solid first issue, though Black Hammer got off to a stronger start.  Lemire did a great job establishing its setting and main characters, while Thomas’s heroine Zhia remains (possibly purposefully) an enigma.  For me, the best part of Horizon‘s first issue was Frank Martin’s color work.