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Mike Rapin - Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Mike Rapin
  • Extraordinary X-Men #15
  • Flash #9
  • Future Quest #6
  • Hellblazer #3
  • Jughead #10
  • Outcast #22
  • Renato Jones: The One Percent #5
  • Saga #39
  • Seven To Eternity #2
  • Star Wars Poe Dameron #7

I’m incredibly excited this week for Seven to Eternity. It was my pick on the podcast this week and I cannot wait to see more of Opena’s art. It’s going to be beautifully intricate, mind-bending, and terrifying.

Outcast beats its slow drum continuously. The last few issues have been weird, and without being spoiler-y, they feel… cheap. I’m not knocking the story so much as I’m curious to know if there’s a much bigger storyline actually being delivered by this book.

Extraordinary X-Men has finally become a book I’ve warmed up to–despite taking 14 issues to get there. The current story of Storm and Magick traversing multiple dimensions has been a fun study into the back and forth of these characters, which is something I didn’t expect to get from this book. I mostly am partial to Storm interacting with anyone, because she’s fantastic.

Hellblazer feels a lot like the beginning of the short-lived Constantine series that ran mid-way through the New 52; lots of weirdness and pacing problems. But maybe I need to immerse myself more in this book. I think that Mortiat’s art is working well for this story and the writing isn’t bad, but there isn’t a clear goal. And maybe that’s just how Hellblazer stories go: John Constantine sort of stumbling through the pages, fixing (or damning) things as he goes.