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Nick White - Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Nick White
  • Batman #10
  • Green Arrow #10

It’s a short week, consisting of two books that I’m super super super behind on.  You’d think that’d stop me from plunking out a couple paragraphs regarding such.  But the key word is “think.”  I’ve got a remarkable talent for always having something to say…even if it is on the topic of nothing.

Have you seen Mikel Janin’s cover for Batman #10?  I mean, really…have you?  It’s fantastic.  Look, the cover is great, Janin is great, Tom King is great, Batman is great, it’s all great.  Bane as the villain?  Ehh…I think Tom King can do something compelling here…flesh out the semi-intelligent antihero elements of the character.  Snyder didn’t do much (if anything, really) with Bane, so it’s not like hes worn out his welcome.

As for Green Arrow, Ben Percy has thrown together the best run on this character since Lemire, and they remain the best work on this title since the outset of the “New 52.”  What remains interesting is that this book has its artists actively swapping out from issue to issue (seemingly arbitrarily), and it’s actually not a detriment to the title.  If you haven’t started this one, Rebirth’s first wave of tpbs are right around the corner.