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Mike Rapin - Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Mike Rapin
  • Black Widow #8
  • Extraordinary X-Men #16
  • Jughead #11
  • Saga #40
  • Seven To Eternity #3
  • Sex #33

Smaller week for me.

I feel like I’m pretty behind on Saga or maybe just an issue. I can never tell with this book. It doesn’t mean I’m lost in the story, but it’s never on the top of my pull any more. I’m always searching for the cool new book and this one is an old classic in my pull.

Jughead is in the hands of some fantastic creators. I wasn’t sure if Ryan North could top Zdarsky’s start, but it has been nothing but great times since he took over. I’m digging it. And Derek Charm’s art has been top notch all throughout. This book is great.

Sex is an old staple for me as well. This is such a weirdo book, but I absolutely adore it. It’s not classic or creepy or graphic (mostly), but has been 100% jam packed with story. I really appreciate this book for that alone. Piotr Kowalski has been banging out consistent art which is stylized in the likes of Steve Dillon–not for everyone, but irrefutably precise and detailed.

Finally, my newest jam Seven To Eternity is ready to rock my pull list. I am eating this book up like cake. Nothing more to be said there.