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Nick White - Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Nick White
  • Aliens: Defiance #8
  • Aliens vs. Predator: Life and Death #1
  • All-Star Batman #5
  • Future Quest #8
  • Savage #2

I’m an issue behind, but this week’s issue of Aliens: Defiance looks to be right in line with my favorite elements of this series: Tristan Jones on art, a Massimo Carnevale cover, and one of the core ethical dilemmas of the franchise: should the xenomorphs be experimented on, preserved for scientific reasons…or should they be destroyed outright?  The “no duh” answer is that one kills it, with fire.

Here we are, at the beginning of the final miniseries of the “Life and Death” maxi-event, Aliens vs. Predator.  Perhaps the most curious fact about this one is that the artist of the first miniseries (Predator), Brian Thies, has found himself in the artist chair once more.  I’d love it if this miniseries can clarify what the umpteen characters we’ve been introduced to are up to.  That’d be nice.

We’re finally there folks, at the last issue of JRJR’s run on All-Star Batman.  I’d wager more than a couple of you are anticipating some snide parting shots in the direction of this penciler…but occasionally, I know when to eat crow.  Honestly, JRJR’s work on this book might be his best work I’ve ever seen.  Yeah, it might be because ‘effin superstar inker Danny Miki is absolutely killing it, but even that opens up a new perspective on the value of having a great art team.  Some people shouldn’t ink their own stuff.  There, I said it.

Look.  I don’t care if you think Future Quest is for kids.  I don’t care if you think it’s a “cash grab” or “nostalgia sham.”  I don’t care if you aren’t familiar with any of the characters, or think the art is too “flat” or “clean.”  This is a bright and imaginative book you need to check out.  Period.

How eager am I for Valiant Comic’s second issue of Savage?  OH BROTHER YOU HAVE NO IDEA!  This book’s one-two artist punch of Henry and Larosa provides an amazing tonal shift between time periods, and the whole thing just reeks of mystery for a great many reasons.  If you wanted to dip your feet into a Valiant standalone miniseries, give this or Britannia a try.