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Nick White - Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Nick White
  • Aliens vs. Predator: Life and Death #3
  • Aliens: Defiance #10
  • Descender #19
  • Divinity III #3
  • Future Quest #10
  • Kamandi Challenge #2
  • Lazarus TPB Vol 5
  • The Old Guard #1

Just like that, both of my Aliens reads, Aliens: Defiance and Aliens: Life and Death (and the four miniseries that make up the latter) are on the verge of wrapping.  Brian Wood’s maxiseries Defiance is rapidly closing on its finish line of a dozen issues, and Dan Abnett’s massive undertaking will also have a mere two issues to go after Wednesdays’ drops.  What’s that?  How are they?  Look, I’m behind okay?  And it doesn’t help that I like Defiance so much I end up banking the issues, so those panicky “WHERE’S THE NEXT ONE?” moments happen slightly less frequently.  Yeah.  Comics make you do weird stuff.

Okay, so, HOW THE HELL DID WHAT WAS REVEALED AT THE END OF DESCENDER #18 ACTUALLY HAPPEN?  …seriously, someone, please explain.  This isn’t rhetorical, I honestly don’t understand.  I’d call the whole thing a deus ex machina scenario, were it not for the fact that with Tim-22 being a robot, it’s a little on the nose.  I was shocked people, shocked.  What. The. Eff.

Know what?  Ole’ Nick here is going to come out swinging, and say something (probably not) bold about his sole Valiant title on this list: Divinity III, by Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine, is the best entry in the series.  It’s also one of their least approachable titles for new readers…though it is a third installment, and not everything has to target new folks.  Also, honestly, how prescient has this book been, given current events?

Question: Is Future Quest moving in a direction where Doc Shaner will be in a “covers only” capacity?  I just keep noticing how diminished his page count on this book is…as well as the fact that Steve Rude (sadly) has not been the co/fill-in penciler.  Was really looking forward to gorgeous Shaner art here, folks.

This month’s Kamandi Challenge features Peter Tomasi (YEAH!!!)…and *sigh*…Neal Adams (NOT SO MUCH OF THE EXCITEMENTS).  Paul’s got me psyched for this title in general, but I don’t think anyone will get me wholly psyched for this issue specifically.

LAZ-UH-RUSS, LAZ-UH-RUSS, LAZ-UH-RUSS!!!!!  Alright, that’s enough obligatory chanting and superfluous exclamation points (when aren’t they superfluous?) about Greg Rucka and Michael Lark’s stellar title.  Man, I am so psyched.  I just wish I could remember Volume 4.  Honestly feels like its been a year since the la–*actually looks up on the Internet…oh…it has been a year.  Huh.

Finally, wrapping this list is another Image title from Rucka, though this is the first issue of The Old Guard.  Unlike Kate, I actually don’t mind Leandro Fernandez’s preview art I’ve seen for this, but that probably has to do with my interest in heavily inked aesthetics.  A band of mercenaries composed of immortal veterans of varying wars and conflicts across time?  Sign me up!