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The Weekly Pull List – May 24th, 2017

We’re back again for comics and we gotta know just one thing…

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Nick White

Nick White
  • Aliens: Dead Orbit #2
  • Judge Dredd Funko Universe #1
  • Kingsway West TPB
  • They’re Not Like Us #17

First, you heard me preemptively praising Aliens: Dead Orbit from the moment it was solicited.  As I’ve mentioned in the past…”tastemaker.”  Then, you got to hear the media outlets tear through their advance copies, praising it as well.  Then, you got to hear all my friends and associates shower this inaugural issue with accolades…some scheduling issues kept me from getting my copy until later.

“Nick, is this you defending your geek cred?”

Yup.  It is.  But lemme tell you, this book is even better than anticipated, and it’s stronger in the areas I presumed would be deficiencies.  James Stokoe’s visuals are at their usual mind-blowing standard, but it’s his narrative that genuinely surprises.  He juggles a “before and after” narrative structure that plays with the alien’s transformative ability to turn the ship against those that called it home, with both perceived and real threats.  If that sounds like a mouthful, just go read the book.

So Rappy gave me shit for buying into what sounds like an unholy corporate fusion of IDW comics, Judge Dredd, and Funkopop figurines.  But look, Judge Dredd as a Funko is that adorably cute juxtaposition of “gruff meets aww” that the the rational and financially-minded parts of the brain cannot handle.  Look.  John Layman is writing it, a fantastic scribe in his own right, but also one that happens to have recent and sizable experience penning Dredd tales.  If it’s fun/cute/goofy, and it’s just one issue, what’s the harm?

might be getting the trade of Kingsway West, which was solicited all the way back in November’s PREVIEWS catalogue…which is why I’m not sure.  It’s a Dark Horse title from the team that brought you Dynamite’s rebooting of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter several years back: writer Greg Pak and artist Mirko Colak.  It’s a fusion of Wild West meets magic, with gunslingers and dragons abound.  I’m trying to not get too excited here, because I’ve seen items get delayed, resolicited, resolicited again, and then fall into a nebulous crevasse where it reaches a DOA status.  If I get it, great.  If not, I’ve saved money.

Oh, and They’re Not Like Us is out.